My (sort of) Night with Philosophers video out now!

OK… Following on from my blog post’s promise to release the footage in the summer (early autumn counts, right?!) I’m pleased to announce that you can now check out the Ici Londres: Sartre Abroad session of My Night with Philosophers here:

Big thanks to Sarah Richmond, the guys at the Institut/organisers and the speakers for allowing me to record and publish the video.

I’ll post more on this soon, but I’m planning to release more footage (wherever possible) of philosophy conference sessions I attend over the coming months/years. The intention is that all footage will be openly licensed via Creative Commons. From what I can tell there’s little philosophy Open Educational Resources (OER) out there – isn’t it time we made philosophy available to anybody who’s interested?

One thought on “My (sort of) Night with Philosophers video out now!

  1. Haha, you’re doing better than me, I still haven’t finished my blog post on the event! Although in fairness I stayed for the whole 12 hours so there’s a lot of stuff to digest.

    Thanks for sharing, I agree that philosophy (and academics generally) should be open source.

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