Calling all Librarians: Open Access Week is Go!

Open Access Week at the OU (CC-BY Beck Pitt)

Open Access Week at the OU (CC-BY Beck Pitt)

From a rainy Milton Keynes we wish you all a very happy Open Access Week!

Over the next week people around the world will be promoting and discussing openness in research. Events range from promoting publishing in open access journals (and the benefits of doing so, see this CARL ABRC video) to holding comedy film festivals, discussing Creative Commons licensing and decorating statues to raise awareness!  Find out what’s happening near you here.

Open Access is all about enabling you to find the papers and articles you need for your research or teaching, without restriction. When research is open access you don’t need to pay to view the article you need or subscribe to a journal. By publishing in an open access journal you enable others to find, read and respond to your research with ease.

The OER Research Hub has been working over the last few months with members of the Co-PILOT project (which promotes “digital and information literacy” open resources for use in Higher Education) to develop a questionnaire to help understand more about librarians use and promotion of online resources.

We are pleased to be able to launch the questionnaire today, as part of Open Access week. Librarians play a key role in helping people find out about, and access, all kinds of resources. If you work in a library, and have 15-20 minutes to spare to tell us about how you use online resources, we need YOU!

The questionnaire is available here.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to participate in our research!

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