School of Open: Research Findings (Part II)

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Earlier in the week I reported on the preliminary Autumn 2013 pre-course questionnaire results of the work we’ve been doing with School of Open (SOO) over the past year. In this blog post, I’m focusing on the preliminary results of the post-course questionnaire.  We received a total of 22 responses from participants in two out of the four courses that we surveyed: Copyright 4 Educators (AUS) and Creative Commons (CC) for K-12 Educators. Unfortunately we did not receive any survey responses from those who had participated in the Writing Wikipedia Articles; the Bascis and Copyright for Educators (US) courses. There could be many reasons as to why this was the case (e.g. number of active students in the course at this stage, student awareness of the post-survey etc.). However, as with the pre-course survey, the post-course questionnaire was optional and we were very much dependent on individual participants deciding/being able to take time out to participate in our research. 

Consequently, and…

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