Open Research: OER Research Hub Course Launches June 2014!

PIcture Source: The University of Utah: PIcture Source: The University of Utah:

  • What is open research?
  • In what ways can research be open?
  • What do we mean by open in this context?
  • When is it appropriate for research to be open?
  • What does researching openly involve and what makes open research possible?
  • What are the benefits of open research?
  • What kinds of challenges might a researcher face when researching in the open?

Whilst researching in the open can be an enabler (blogging your research findings can potentially reach a wider audience, more quickly, than via the traditional paper publishing route; see for example one of Martin Weller’s “open scholarship example[s]“) it also has potential challenges (particularly ethical issues) that researchers might face or need to consider.

We’ll be exploring some of these issues and the questions above during a four week facilitated course on open research that we’re planning for June 2014. The focus of the…

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