Textbook Heroes at CNX2014

"Textbook Hero" (Photo Credit: Beck Pitt) “Textbook Hero” (Photo Credit: Beck Pitt)

Two weeks ago I was participating in CNX2014 at Rice University, Houston. Although I was mainly tweeting from the conference, I did take a few notes which I’ve reproduced below. These notes focus only on Monday’s sessions so, for a more detailed and varied account of what happened, check out the conference hashtag (#cnx2014) for lots of interesting participant reflections.

Connexions/OpenStax College Updates 

Connexions (CNX) is now 15 years old! And whilst the conference did look back at the conception of CNX and some of its achievements over the past decade or so, there were exciting announcements to come … First, there was the update from Daniel Williamson on last year’s OpenStax College (OSC) statistics on adoption and cost savings (see the great video from 2013 here, which was showcased at that event; Daniel had produced a cool updated version for this year.) OSC now has…

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