Coming Soon… Open Textbook Research Week

Some of you may have participated in the recent open textbook webinar (The Impact of Open Textbooks in the USA and South Africa: When? Why? How?) where I co-presented some of the findings of our recent educator surveys with open fellow Megan Beckett (Siyavula) and linked fellow Daniel Williamson (OpenStax College, OSC).

The webinar was a great opportunity and Megan and Daniel provided so much of the detailed context and background which really helps to better situate the survey findings.  As our methodology enables comparisons to be made across collaborations/contexts, we were also able to focus in on the results of a couple of questions that were asked in both the Siyavula and OSC surveys and hear Megan and Daniel’s interpretations of the findings. If you missed the webinar, you can view on YouTube, watch via Blackboard or view the presentation on Slideshare.

Megan during her visit to the OERRH (CC-BY OER Research Hub) Megan during her visit to the OERRH…

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