Adrienne Williams on OpenStax College Textbooks

Earlier in the week we heard from Paul Shaber on his experiences of using OpenStax College (OSC) textbooks. Today we’re going to hear from two more educators, who I was fortunate enough to speak with earlier in the year: Elise Adamson and Adrienne Williamson. This post is dedicated to excerpts from Adrienne’s interview and you can find Elise’s interview here. Thanks to both Elise and Adrienne for taking time out to speak with me!

Adrienne Williamson 

Adrienne Williamson (University of California, Irvine) is a Biology Education Researcher, in receipt of a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Grant. Adrienne first found out about OSC textbooks whilst she was running a Coursera MOOC (Preparation for Introductory Biology: DNA to Organisms) and David Harris of OSC got in touch via email. OSC Biology was subsequently incorporated into the MOOC which had 38,000 students enrol onto the course. Adrienne tells us…

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