Vintage events in (and around) Milton Keynes

2016-07-16 11.48.50

I’m a keen reader of the fabulous Mim’s Crinoline Robot blog for lots of West country vintage goodness and a reminder of home. Inspired by her What’s on in Vintage Wiltshire section, rather than just email a pal a list of vintage and dance events in the MK area over the next couple of months I could… blog them instead! 

So, here we go. Needless to say the list is incomplete… so if you know of an event coming up in the area (surely there must be something the weekend of 13/14 August?), fill us in and leave a comment with the details!

July 2016 

August 2016 

September 2016 

And some way off but getting closer Hedna’s Vintage Nightclub is back at the Stables for a Christmas special on 10 December 2016.
Featured image picture credit: “Vintage Pinball” by Eric Wittman is licensed CC BY-ND 2.0 Generic and Toward the Workers’ Institute” by Beck Pitt is licensed CC BY 2.0

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