Peer Reviewed Book Chapters

  • Who is the Revolutionary in Being and Nothingness? in Severally Seeking Sartre (ed. O’Donohoe, B.) (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK, November 2013)
  • Play and Being in John-Paul Sartre’s Being and Nothingness in The Philosophy of Play (eds. Maclean, M; Russell, W; & Ryall, E.) (Routledge, UK, April 2013)

Peer Reviewed Conference Proceedings

Peer Reviewed Journal Papers



  • Jean-Paul Sartre: Key Concepts (Churchill, S. & Reynolds, J.) (French Studies 2015 69 (1): 108-109
  • Mortal Subjects (Howells, C.) (Sartre Studies International 19:1, Spring 2013)
  • The Work of Sartre (Mészáros, I.) in (Socialist Review, January 2013)
  • Sartre and the Moral Limits of War and Terrorism (Ang Mei Sze, J.) (The Marx and Philosophy Review of Books, January 2012)
  • Community, Myth and Recognition in Twentieth Century French Literature and Thought (Luebecker, N.) (Sartre Studies International 17:1, 2011)
  • Understanding Existentialism (Reynolds, J.) (Sartre Studies International 14:1, 2008)
  • Simone de Beauvoir (Appignanesi, L.) (Socialist Review 299, September 2005)
  • Sartre against Stalinism (Birchall, I.) (International Socialism Journal, 102, Spring 2004)

I have acted as a reviewer for the following journals and conferences:

3rd Philosophy at Play conference (Glos. UK), OER15 (Cardiff, UK), Designing Interactive Systems 2012, British Journal of Undergraduate Philosophy, ESTRO, UK Sartre Society conferences (2011-2014), International Graduate Conferences in Philosophy (Essex, 2006, 2007 & 2008), Journal of Interactive Media in Education (JIME), Open Learning: The Journal of Open and Distance Learning, British Journal of Educational Technology (BJET) (ongoing)

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