I was fortunate enough to participate in a workshop with sketch noter extraordinaire Kevin Mears in June 2015 at the Open University. The following week I put my new skills to good use and did some doodling at CALRG 2015… which resulted in me being asked whether my drawing could feature on a final report for an Open University’s RCUK funded project! I was extremely flattered and excited; you can see both the original below and the drawing ‘in situ’ on the cover of An Open Research University.

More recently my sketch notes from #oer16 have been reused as part of:

#ALTC Blog: #OER16 – the friendly conference;
Catherine Cronin’s blog post #OER16: a critical turn;

You can check out my openly licensed sketches on Flickr.


Photo by Bea de los Arcos licensed under CC-BY 4.0